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Buying Hearing Aids Online

Your Pathway to Better Hearing in 3 Steps:

Step 1: Have a Hearing Test

You will start with a proper hearing test by a qualified audiologist to ensure that:

You do not have a referable case (to GP or ENT; such as infection, pathology, etc.)
Your hearing problem is not due to ear wax build-up.
We have a comprehensive understanding of the type of your hearing loss, including hearing thresholds and other audiological details, enabling us to advise the most suitable management plan for you.

Your options for a hearing test.

Our comprehensive hearing care entails in-clinic and home visits (only in Manchester) to test your hearing, and fit your hearing aids but also includes online sessions to adjust and fine-tune your hearing aids.

Hearing Test Cost and sessions: Hearing tests will be a £ 600-pound fee for people who want an in-person service at our Manchester clinic or a home visit. 

In Manchester? Book an in-clinic or a home visit hearing test with Ear Doctor’s hearing aid clinic simply email us at: help@hearingaidclinic.org.uk.

Not in Manchester: Do your hearing test with a local audiologist and forward the results to help@hearingaidclinic.org.uk for a free consultation.

Options for your hearing test

  • In Manchester: Book an in-clinic or home visit test with Hearing Aid Clinic online. The cost will be credited towards hearing aid purchases (with a minimum purchase of £1,500).
  • Outside Manchester: Arrange a hearing test with a local audiologist and share the results with us for a free consultation.

Step 2: Order Your Hearing Aids

Once your hearing test results are available, we’ll discuss your hearing loss and available hearing aid options. Here’s what follows:

  • We’ll guide you through the selection process and provide a link to purchase your chosen aids from our website.
  • Upon placing your order, we’ll coordinate with the manufacturer, and your aids will typically arrive within 3-5 working days.
  • If you’re within our service area, we’ll schedule a fitting session at one of our Manchester clinics or arrange a home visit. For those outside our service area:
    • We’ll preconfigure your hearing aids for immediate use upon arrival.
    • You’ll receive your aids via courier, ready to use.
    • Further adjustments can be made through remote telecare sessions or by consulting a local audiologist.

Step 3: Fitting, Aftercare, and Follow-up

Upon receiving your hearing aids, we’ll provide complimentary in-clinic or home visit fitting sessions. During these sessions, we’ll ensure comfort and optimal sound quality, as well as:

  • Set up the accompanying smartphone app for remote control.
  • Offer guidance on maintenance, cleaning, and charging.
  • Provide comprehensive information to maximize the benefits of your new hearing aids.

Ongoing aftercare includes:

  • Free online follow-up sessions for adjustments and reprogramming during the warranty period.
  • Home visit follow-ups are available at standard fees if necessary.

At Hearing Aid Clinic, we’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction and improved hearing health every step of the way. Contact us for any assistance or further information.

Who Can Buy Hearing Aids Online with Confidence?

At Hearing Aid Clinic, we understand the importance of confidence when purchasing hearing aids online. Here are the groups of patients who can buy hearing aids on sale online with a high degree of confidence:

  1. Experienced Users: If you’re experienced with hearing aids and need to replace lost or outdated devices, purchasing online for the best prices on the latest models is a viable option.

  2. Upgrade Seekers: Experienced users looking to upgrade to features like rechargeability and direct streaming for music and calls can confidently purchase online.

  3. Family Members: Those purchasing for relatives with access to local audiologists for fitting and support can buy online with assurance.

Considerations for Buying Hearing Aids Online

While buying hearing aids online offers convenience and competitive pricing, it may not be suitable for everyone. Here are factors to consider:

  1. Access to Audiologists: Ensure you have access to a local audiologist for a full hearing test and examination before purchasing online. A recent hearing test (less than 6 months old) is necessary.

  2. Tech Savvy: If you’re not comfortable with technology or lack access to local audiologists for support, purchasing from a local provider may be more suitable.

  3. Medical Supervision: Individuals under ENT supervision for other health reasons may benefit from purchasing locally for regular support from an audiologist.

Programming and Aftercare Options

At Hearing Aid Clinic, we offer comprehensive support for programming and aftercare:

  • Remote Programming: Our premium hearing aids can be adjusted remotely via telecare sessions, accessible with a smartphone.
  • Local Audiologist Support: You can purchase hearing aids online and seek fitting, programming, and aftercare support from a local audiologist.
  • Online Assistance: We provide online fitting sessions and unlimited adjustment sessions until you’re satisfied with your hearing aids.

Ready to Buy Hearing Aids Online?

If you’re confident in purchasing hearing aids online, follow these steps:

  1. Review Our Pathway: Learn about our approach to the process.
  2. Browse Our Shop: Explore our selection and send us an inquiry with your hearing loss history.
  3. Provide Details: Be prepared to provide necessary details such as recent hearing test results, current hearing aid information, preferences, and smartphone brand.
  4. Receive Your Hearing Aids: Once received, your hearing aids will be programmed and ready for use, with online fitting sessions available.
  5. Aftercare Support: Enjoy ongoing support and adjustment sessions to ensure your satisfaction.

How To Purchase Your Hearing Aid With – Ear Doctor’s Hearing Aid Clinic.

We’ve simplified the process of purchasing and receiving top-quality hearing aids along with remote care from our UK-based Audiologists.

  1. Explore our wide selection of hearing aids from leading brands at incredibly low prices. Whether you’re looking for rechargeable options, advanced features, or specific styles, we have the perfect solution for your hearing needs.
  2. After selecting your desired hearing aid, simply send us your recent hearing test results. If you haven’t had a recent test, we can guide you on how to arrange one locally or through our clinic in Manchester simply email us at help@hearingaidclinic.org.uk.
  3. Once we receive your hearing test results, our experienced Audiologists will carefully program your chosen hearing aids to match your unique hearing requirements. We tailor the settings to optimize your hearing experience and ensure maximum benefit from your new devices.
  4.  Your customized hearing aids will be promptly delivered to your doorstep. Each pair is meticulously prepared and ready for immediate use upon arrival.
  5. We understand that hearing needs may change over time or adjustments may be necessary. Our Audiologists are available for remote fine-tuning sessions as needed. Whether it’s optimizing settings for different environments or addressing any concerns you may have, our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with your hearing aids.

At Ear Doctor’s Hearing Aid Clinic, we’re committed to providing affordable hearing solutions combined with expert care for an exceptional hearing experience.

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Customer Testimonials

Charles MacMillan
Charles MacMillan
Called 5pm Monday.appointment Tuesday 11.30 Ear wax removed br 12 moon. Excellent service by a pleasant an knowledgeable expert
Kieran Monaghan
Kieran Monaghan
Dr.Hassan Karim saw me not only the same day, but in about 3 hours from me reaching out to make an appointment. Sorted out my ears in minutes and I was on my way, able to hear properly again. Absolutely brilliant. And at a really reasonable price. Can't fault it, fantastic, would recommend to anyone if you're having problems with your ears/hearing.
Really helpful Mr Hassan Karim thanks
Daniel Jemmett
Daniel Jemmett
Absolutely brilliant cannot recommend this place enough. Been suffering for about three days. Found this place on the Internet went there within 10 minutes. I could hear again and everything was good.
C Stewart
C Stewart
Highly recommend. I struggled with intermittent hearing loss for a few weeks which got worse so I couldn’t hear anything at all in one ear due to impacted ear wax. Same day appointment offered which cleared the problem. Don’t waste money trying different options .. Honestly, instant result! Thank you so much.
gehad iraqy
gehad iraqy
Thank you Hassan I can hear again 😁 Very professional ear wax removal
Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall
This is my third visit to Hassan and because I can't give 6 stars, I thought I'd just submit another 5-star review. My most recent visit was booked less than 24 hours in advance for a Sunday. Hassan removed wax, gave me a hearing test, and consulted on further treatment options. The convenience, care, and price all make this a fantastic business. Thank you again, Hassan!
M. D. S.
M. D. S.
My earwax was quite hard and I had pain in the ear and couldn't hear well. Hassan was quite patient and offered a free additional session later to let the olive oil soften the wax. He was even willing to offer one more free session. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Steve Hopkins
Steve Hopkins
Great outcome from visit to Hassan at Manchester Hearing aid and earwax removal. He fitted me in on the same day I phoned him and the results were excellent, totally painless and quick. I would highly recommend him.
Sara Brown
Sara Brown
Fantastic service!highly recommend i suffer with anxiety and the staff were very kind and patient. They spoke through what was happening to put me at ease and my ears have felt the best in years.
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